Why Your Website Need Long Tail Keywords

In the last few years, we have seen that the Google Algorithm has undergone major changes and that has impacted the organic rankings to a great extent. Some of the impacts if you take a careful look was negative for websites which earlier use to rank no.1 in the Google SERPs. While this is not the news. The updates in Google are something constant and ever changing. What the online businesses need to focus on is recovering the retained ranks for the high volume of top tier keywords.

To ensure that you do not miss opportunities, the SEO Company whom you hire will help to rank against the proper keywords which are in trend. And one such trend is long tail keywords on which the Google is concentrating largely.

What are long tail keywords?

It refers to more specific keywords that are typically four or more words, such as “dog day care in Toronto” or “flower boutique in Sacramento.” The SEO service that you hire will make sure that you take greater advantage of the long-tail keywords to give your company an edge in its SEO that results. If you aim is higher views, higher conversion of visitors to purchasers, and better click-through rates (CTRs), SEO service will make sure you have things in place.

If you choose an SEO package that offers long tail keywords in its list, you will be associated with a number of benefits such as:

  • Adding Uniqueness
  • Why should you invest time in keywords that are less frequently searched? If you rather focus on your services with keywords like 'dog day car' or flower boutique' you will directly hit the ranks, but that is what your competitors are also doing. So the SEO service ensures that your SEO efforts bring colors with fewer efforts, since those keywords have less competition.

  • Helps to Filter Audience
  • Long tail keywords that you find available in SEO packages from the company you hire, will also help you to filter the audience whom you want to approach. Very few people who search for things like 'dog day care tips', especially those who are actually looking for an advice, but there is no chance of conversion. But if someone is looking for keywords like 'which is the best dog day care in Toronto' it is precise that the visitor is sure to convert. So long tail keywords that SEO Company delivers benefits both your company and customers and lets you partially shape the type of person you want to find your pages.

  • Increases the Click Through Rate
  • If you use the click through rate properly with large improved CTRs, it will show results. There are people who use three or four words in their Google searches, with the rates dropping off significantly afterwards. It is easy to conclude that we need to focus on the efforts of three to four word searches and ignore the others. But if you look at the three word searches you will find that the click through rate is low and results are many but most are irrelevant. But with a four word phrase such as 'mountain biking in Florida, is narrow and will give you a lot of results which can covert and get more clicks. But simply building web page on this phrase suggests SEO service will be not effective rather phrases like 'guided mountain biking in Florida for beginners” will be effective. This way, your business would not only appear on searches for the common three-word phrase, but will also have variations of the four-to-seven-word phrases contained within.
    To understand long tail keywords a little better ask a SEO company to guide you in the best possible way you want. If you love your bottom-line, so do your SEO packages should be ROI focusing.


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