Terms that are displayed in the website are the ones that a person needs to obey, and this happens to be a legal user agreement between the company and the client. By joining us in our venture you accept the fact that you have read all the terms and policies of the agreement and hereby acknowledge the risk factors that are also included. This also happens to be a declaration that you also declare to comply with all the laws and regulations that are applicable.

Acceptance of Terms

The website serves online work and services. By accepting our membership and joining us you comply with all the terms and services that are mentioned here in and duly also accept the terms and regulations of the agreement that has been forwarded by the website, arswebsolution.com.

Modifications of Agreement

The company deserves the right to change, modify or reconstruct the terms of the privacy policy and the user license agreement upon their free will as and when they want upon their full authority, the changes being effective from the time of disclosure.

User Legality

Use of all the services that are provided by searchdealings.com are solely available to people that are above the age of 18. The services of the client will be terminated immediately if the website comes to know about any non-eligible client access.


The content that is available in the website can be duly changed, modified or removed as par need without any form of prior notice or info to the client. The modification of the website can be summoned at any point without any notice or liability to you.

The web content that is available in the website is the sole property of searchdealings.com and under no circumstances can the web content be reused or reissued in any other website. In case of such unethical behavior the company shall terminate and erase all information regarding the user and deny any form of contact with the user.

Our Services

All services that are provided by searchdealings.com are absolute to the user with inclusion of a range of niche, along with the set of terms and regulations that are also made available to the user prior to their use. The duration of the project is also made available to the client and all related information is also conveyed sincerely.

Automatic Renewal

Automatic renewal is an effective way of billing all the online services and work that is provided by arswebsolution.com. It is a time saving and a cost effective method that ensures the work is done without any form of interruption or hindrance at all. Billing arrangements that are however done by other third party companies other than the mentioned and recognized billing assets is sole liability of the user as search dealings shall not be responsible for any recurrent actions that is outside the clauses of the terms of use. Similarly the user is solely responsible for all the charges that are incurred upon the usage of services offered by the company.


The user may wish to end their agreement with the company and not resume the services that are provided to them by arswebsolution.com. In such a case the user needs to personally write to the representatives that are assigned to them. The company also deserves the right to end the license of the user upon violation of any terms that are inscribed within the user agreement without any liability to the user.

Refund Policy

The company has absolute access to all the transactions that are made upon the deal with the user. Upon termination of the services by the user, the refunding of any pending amount of money will be refunded upon the clauses of the user agreement. However violation of any clause can lead to loss of refunding without any prior notice from the company to the client.

Prohibited Use

The customer or the client may not use the service that is provided by the company for the marketing or management of any form of illegal or unauthorized content that is not supported upon the basis of the laws. They are not allowed to be involved in any disrespectful or illicit fraud business that shall involve the services forwarded by our website. The warrant holds our company complete rights for the formulation of the keywords and phrases that are requisite for the promotion of the business of the client and for adjacent marketing promotions as well.

Limitations of Liability

The website under no circumstances is responsible for any form of action that is incurred as a result of transactions and dealings that are preceded amongst the user and the third party company. The user in this case is solely responsible for his actions. The company shall also not be liable for any direct consequences that are incurred as a result of sharing information with the third party user. Any form of loss in the data or information from the part of the user is upon their actions and the website takes no responsibility. All transactions that are done between the client and the third party are direct liability to the user as we basically operate as a medium of contact within the services.

Governing Law

The agreement is interpreted and has been also constructed keeping the laws and federal aspects of the country in due consideration and does not include any other asset that might deduce the application of laws from any other country other than the homeland.

Attorney’s Fees

In any case of fraud or arbitration that is incurred by the client upon dealings or proceedings that are made between the client and the third party via arswebsolution.com, he or she shall be liable to full judicial support including arrangement of attorney and judicial fees provided that the subjection to the clauses of treason are at par with the clauses that are mentioned in the terms of use and user agreement.

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