The privacy policy of the website links itself up to a certain and a specific user that would like to have himself or herself considered an avid associate with the services of the website and in other terms would abide by the scales of all the services provided by hence rendering active participation with the policies and work agenda of the company or the organization. The privacy policy linked with ARS Web Solution is the content material for the web based company that binds the individual that is working for himself or on behalf of any third party operator to the clauses of the company.

The type of information the website collects

The type of information that is collected by our website for its own benefits is the easily reliable and source related information that is more likely to be present along various other places. The information does not violate the authority of the user and at the same time also refrains from exposing substantial details regarding the subject’s authentication as well. The website generally desires and asks for simple personal information from the user that may or may not include the alternative email id from the user, some personal information including the name and the geographic location of the subject so that they can be assessed better. Often they are also asked for their cell phone or other such information that would be helpful to bring up the customer profile as well.

This personal information is basically collected for the sake of communication and user authentication, for instance if the company needs to communicate with the client or has to be able to forward an important message via the email id that is provided. The company however also possess the rights to access these information as and when needed and also has the right to share it with any associate third party entity for the sake of personal or mutual interests. The company shall be not reliable for any kind of misuse of the personal information that is collected by the third parties so long the information has been issued in public interests.

How the website uses and shares information about you

The information that is collected from the clients is basically for the purpose of enhancing the interactive opportunities with them and to be able to freely contact them as and when required. The personal information is collected of the primary basis. For instance like the phone number and the email id is used by the company to be able to contact the client on free will or for the purpose of sending any valuable information via the email or the messaging services. The company also gathers the information for the sake of public interest and the function of establishing a working profile associated with the client. The team may use the information as and when required for general purposes. The company also reserves the rights to be able to share the personal information with third party that may require the information issued in public interest.

The information can also be relayed to further firms for the purpose of online payments or business transactions that form an essential part of the deal as par the consent of the user. In any case when all the available assets of our company are to be placed in the hands of any other organization or sold to any other firm, the information of the clients shall also reside with the later firm that seeks control hence. The information can also be shared with the judicial system for the purpose of investigation without any prior consent of the clients. In this case the company shall not be reliable for the aftermath of the action. We also reserve the right to statistically share the information with other third party operators that may seek access to our database for the purpose of work and services. In that case the company shall not be liable for any misuse of the personal data by the third party.

Local device storage and tracking technologies

The website or the company deserves rights to store or place any type of information related to the client, commonly called Local Device Storage on the subsidiary devices from which you may avail our services. For example: computer, laptop or the cell phones.

The local device storage can be later on used by the company for the purpose of identification or any other form of lawful actions that shall not render any form of trouble to the clients. These are basically used for the purpose of online lawful transactions or while further dealings with the clients for the sole purpose of marketing and business transactions. All the information that is stored through the form of local device storage can be used by the company to share with other associated or affiliates for the purpose of business or as a part of the marketing agenda.

The user may or may not want to utilize the facilities of the local device storage. For that the person may want to disable it in the settings option in the browser. However in that case there are possibilities that all the functions of the website may not be visible or work properly.

Information Security and Notification

In the modern day scenario we all know that almost no form of data transmission is safe and completely secure. Likewise our company does not guarantee you that the information will remain safe and secure. The security of the servers and the website is not guaranteed and we shall not be liable for the loss of information. By using our website you agree to the terms and services and accept the risk factors that are coming along and at the same time you are also proclaiming that you, yourself will be reliable for the loss of data once you agree to store the information on your computers or mobiles in the case of theft or misplacement.

However in situations where the servers of the company may be compromised or in cases when the security protocol has been breached we will try our best to notify you of any such malice so that any forms of major problems or issues can be avoided.

Children and Parents

It is to be notified that the website is not intended for the use of minors, especially those that are below the age of 13. We advise that no minor shall disclose any form of personal information about themselves or their family; at the same time we also accept that we do not have any solid mechanism to avert such a situation. For such reasons we hope that the parents are closely able to monitor their child at all stages.

However if it comes to our notice that any minor happens to be dealing with the assets of our website or taking its services, all forms of communication with the person will be terminated and at the same time all forms of information will also be erased off.

Privacy Policy Coordinator, Opt-Out Requests and Other Privacy Questions

You have the option to opt out from having all of your personal information relayed to any third party intruder or can request for upgrades and changes to the information sharing section that is available with us. If you have or possess any questions any such aspect of the policy then do not forget to make a contact with the Privacy Policy Coordinator for our website,

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