5 web design trends for 2017

Now things that keep the web design alive and refreshing every year is the launch of new design trends. Yes, the web design services are always running after designs that are attractive and never fail to capitalize benefits for businesses. No matter what the size of the business you are running, having a fresh web design is going to make your business have a new look and convert some new visitors as well.
So it is important to have fresh web designs done. And with mobile entering into this space at a rapid pace, responsive web design is something that is rising to match the demand of the millennial generation.
Here are some of the new web design trends that will rock both mobile web and websites. This is the list shared by web design company Kolkata who have been using these trends to enter a feet in the world of proactive web design services.

  • Use of Bold Typography
  • Companies especially the web design services are turning more towards the big and bold typography this year. This is the best style when you want the rest of the pages at a minimal and clean. It works best when you work on a responsive web design. Bold typography makes things identifiable and helps to carry message direct and hit the customer's with a bang!

  • Cinemagraphs Are Popular in 2017
  • These are nothing but high quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth and continuous loop and have become popular to add movement and visual interest to static pages.

  • Use of Bright Gradients
  • Do you know the kaleidoscope gradients are going to be back with a bang? The web design companies in Kolkata are telling that full screen and gradient washed images are in vogue these days. So if you have not tried this out, you must consider this as a first preference and fix the due changes required.

  • Use of Vivid Layer of Colors
  • Do you know those staggered, stacked layers of colors are able to add depth and texture both to a simple layout? Most of the responsive web design companies are rethinking on this aspect and most of them have already started to roll out in their web design campaigns.

  • Use of Straightforward and Simple Text
  • There are some website that we have seen rising in the year 2017 are cutting out images and prominent navigation sections altogether. In general, they are relying on the few choices lines of straightforward text to inform visitors, specifically about their companies. Such as if you are a real estate business, you can simply use the homepage to describe their mission statement and provide links to samples of their work. This modern and uncluttered approach helps to make information much more presentable.
    What web design trends do you think will be in vogue this year? The web design company in Kolkata is highlighting on these five aspects please share your feedback in the comment below if you have any more.


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