Top 5 Essential Tools Every SEO Company Must Offer to Drive Bigger ROI

We know how a Google Algorithm updates upsets your website. However, you have given the responsibility to an SEO company to look after it, but it seems like Google or other search engine wait for you to get all your ducks in a row and then unleash the update that your effort instantly doubled.

They are pretty open about the fact that they are doing this for the good of every website which is online, but each algorithmic updates is scary as it can either boost or make your rank worse if you do not have the right tools to measure your metrics at a regular level.

If you have asked an SEO company to look after your business processes then makes sure they use some free or paid tools to drive you with glistening success even at the time of Google updates.

SEM Rush

Both Free and Paid version available

Purpose – keyword Research

This is having a superb elaborated dashboard and reports on the performance of the domains as a whole as well as for the specific landing page. It also comes with a number of toolkits, which are available with their paid version. So see if your SEO Company is using this tool to generate a detailed report for you with ranking, keyword volume and monthly search volume as well.


Free for 14 days and then you have Paid plans

Purpose: Link Building

This is one of the best tools for getting the inbound links to your website. We know that the backlinks are critical for ranking in Google and BuzzStream gives you the desired outreach. It makes it easy to research the appropriate people, come up with effective email messages, and track who has accepted each link request.


Free for 14 days and then have paid plans from $99

Purpose – Sita analysis

The SEO Company you hire for better and large enterprises or small businesses to manage must entail you with the facility of Moz searches and rankings effects. This is a paid tool that increases your search engine rankings definitely. They have a collection of research tools that help to identify SEO opportunities, track growth, build reports, and optimize their overall efforts.


14 days of free trial and then $49 per month

Purpose: Site analysis

You will get an in-depth analysis, which help marketers and reveal opportunities for the optimization and improvement. This analysis helps to look into the existing SEO initiatives, social media and usability and more. You will find the report is generated in eight sections –

  1. Marketing Checklist
  2. SEO
  3. Mobile
  4. Usability
  5. Technologies
  6. Social
  7. Local
  8. Visitors
Check My Links

Free to use

Purpose: Link Optimization

Well, it is one of the essential tools that an SEO company, which must use and leverage to benefit every business that uses various SEO packages. This broken-link checker makes it easy for an editor to make corrections before a page is live.

If you are hiring an SEO company ask if they are providing benefits with the use of these tools.


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